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Andreea Kindryd

From Slavery to the Stars

This story is a tapestry woven with threads of resilience, love, and adventure.  It's about more than working on the original Star Trek or her enslaved ancestor's love story; it's a journey through history, loss, and triumph.


Andreea has walked alongside giants, and mourned the loss of friends like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. She has navigated the complexities of love and faced the challenges of breaking through the glass ceiling. She has fulfilled her dreams now and makes her home on the other side of the world, living under the stars of the Southern Cross in Australia.


Her story is a celebration of human resilience, a testament to the beauty of diversity, and a reminder of our shared journey on this planet. It's a firsthand account of remarkable people who changed the world, seen through her unique and personal lens.


A must-read for those who crave a story that both enlightens and entertains.

From Slavery to the Stars


Listen to Excerpts from the Audiobook

"Ande...who I believe was the first black Executive Secretary on the lot and whose miniskirts revealed long shapely legs even Tina Turner would envy.


She shared Gene Coons' wild comments sardonic sense of humor period, long before Black comedians made it..."



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